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Your Path To Radio Airplay
What we look for in music:
Modern, fresh country sound with a hint (or more!) of another genre. New Country is all about the crossover sound.
From country-rock to country-pop and even country-hip hop. The Wolf plays country for a new generation of fans.
If you have any doubts about your music, send it in anyway! The content director considers every song we receive.
Chasing a dream or looking to grow your fan base?

The Wolf Australia supports international and home grown artists. We support independent and unsigned artists. The music and the fans come first at The Wolf Australia – If we think the listeners will like your stuff, we’ll add it to our library!

To stand out from other submissions and maximise your engagement with our audience, follow the tips below.

Tips & Things We Like

  • We only accept WAV or FLAC audio files.
  • Record ID’s for us, announcing your name and your song.
  • Example of ID’s to record
  • Tune in and take inspiration from what we play, understand our format.
  • Send us exclusive content for radio and social media.
  • Provide high-res photos for our social media graphics.
  • Use Google Drive or Dropbox to send large files.
  • Link us to your social media.
  • Do not copy and paste your bio or press release into your message/email, attach it as a document.


Due to being inundated with music submissions, we are only considering submission made through direct message to our facebook page or Instagram account. Message us to get the correct email address for submissions.

Please consider the above points before contacting us with music submissions. When typing your message, please address the wolf personally and do not jump immediately into your message. Do not copy and paste messages or press releases etc. This will help your message stand out and make it easier to recognise what The Wolf can do for you.

Artists Who Submitted Music & Now Air On The Wolf

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