Jessie James Decker Loves It Up On Stage with Hubby

Written by on 19 July, 2019

Country artist and reality tv star Jessie James Decker performed at the ‘Windy City Smokeout’ late last week and decided to bring her husband, Eric Decker, on stage for an impromptu display of
physical attraction more fitting for a night club. The couple made waves when they stared in a reality tv show following their lives and the births of their first 3 (of 4) children. The series also took you behind the scenes of the couples’ careers.

Eric or as Big Stu & MJ call him ‘Husky Hubby and NFL Player Eric Decker’, played as a Wide Receiver in the NFL for 7 seasons (2010-2017) before going into retirement. He played for the Broncos, Jets and Tennessee Titans before ending his career as a member of the New England Patriots practice squad in 2018. Jessie-James had been performing since 2008 and the couple entered into reality tv in 2013 with their own show, ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On’ which ran from 2013 to 2017. The couple developed a cult following through the show.

Jessie James had made some success in the industry with her 2015 hit ‘Lights Down Low’ and 2017’s ‘Southern Girl City Lights’.

2015’s Lights Down Low
2017’s Southern Girl City Lights

Whilst not released as a single, we gave a fair bit of airplay to two other tracks from JJD. Her recording of ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ from her Gold EP (2017) as Aussie country star Caitlyn Shadbolt had released the same song years prior. We love both of the recordings but note the higher production value of Decker’s recording thanks to being produced in Nashville. Compare the two recordings below:

Aussie Caitlyn Shadbolt’s 2015 version
Jessie James Decker’s 2017 version

Southern Girl City Lights was the only single and title track for her 2018 album release. On the album, she teamed up with well-known and married-to-an-Aussie Randy Houser for ‘Almost Over You’.

Randy Houser lends his voice for 2018’s ‘Almost Over You’

Whilst the lack of continuous hits might put her down the list of notable country acts, she has a cult following thanks to her real, true, open and honest social media posts. Much like the reality tv show, her social media posts take followers deep into the personal life of the artist. Her hugely popular social media content included pregnancy posts that many mothers found incredibly relatable.

JJD has also written a best selling book titled ‘Just Jessie’ and has also released her own clothing line. Recently she released her own cover of the smash hit hick hop track ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X.

Current track