Hurricane Fall’s Pepper Deroy Hospitalised

Written by on 8 August, 2019

The bass player and vocalist for Newcastle’s Hurricane Fall had to return to hospital and have emergency surgery in on-going complications from the the band’s Air Canada flight incident.

Back in the beginning of July, the band were flying back to Australia after performing in Canada when their Air Canada flight hit sudden turbulence. Pepper was walking through the aisle and was not seated like his band members when the turbulence struck. Pepper told America’s Fox News channel that he immediately hit the ceiling of the aircraft.

FOX NEWS Interviews with Tim Tricky & Pepper Deroy:

Fox News report on the Air Canada flight including Hurricane Fall interviews

The injuries sustained by passengers ranged from neck, back and head injuries to lacerations according to officials who also said the injured passengers included children and the elderly.

Peter Fitzpatrick, an Air Canada spokesperson, said 35 people sustained minor injuries with emergency officials in Honolulu updating that figure to 37. The majority of which were transported to hospital.

Pepper was one of the passengers hospitalised with nerve damage in his forearm and elbow however he was released with a “thumbs up”.

Since returning to Australia, Pepper learned that he in fact had spinal fractures in his back and severe fractures in his neck, along with a broken rib.  This resulted in immediate surgery. Thankfully he is doing well and in recovery mode.

The band broke the news on their facebook page with a “Pepper Update”:

Pepper was scheduled to perform at the Goulburn Workers club in a trio set with fellow Hurricane Fall members Lachlan ‘Dusty’ and Luke ‘Wheels’ Wheeldon.

“It’s a miracle that he is not in a wheel chair”

‘Doctors at John Hunter Hospital’ – Hurricane Fall on Facebook

The gig hasn’t officially been cancelled and based on a recent post by the Workers Club, it appears Dusty and Wheels will be performing as a two-piece act.

Myself and fellow The Wolf Australia writer James Dyring are both based in Goulburn and looking forward to catching up with the guys.

We’re praying for a safe and speedy recover for Pepper. We hope to see Hurricane Fall return to a full band at full strength.

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