Hell Yeah! McAlister Kemp Announce Reunion

Written by on 30 August, 2019

We’ve been waiting! We’ve been praying! We’ve been going through all kinds of tough…. but now we can rejoice with a HELL YEAH!!

They’re solo superstars in their own right these days but the artists we’ve known recently as Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp individually, are each one half of the country-rock duo that was McAlister Kemp!

Fans and the industry have been enjoying the progression of their solo careers since the duo decided to finish performing as McAlister Kemp.

In fact with their solo careers going so well, I thought the idea of a McAlister Kemp reunion was getting a little harder to tame… to my surprise, and I’m sure to many more, ‘Drewie’ and TK met up for a beer and decided to share their conversation with us on social media.

Now that’s how to get facebook engagement! This could be the biggest d*** move of the year OR the biggest teaser for whats to come next…

Lucky Drew and Troy are good blokes, like most Aussie country boys, and didn’t wait too long to confirm a special one off McAlister Kemp reunion show for the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2020.

Tamworth CMF is jammed packed with ticketed gigs and often you’ll have to pick and choose which gigs you’ll pay to see based on your budget. Let me make this easy for you – This is an unmissable event.

The chance to see one of Australia’s most iconic country rock acts back together. Their solo careers have been keeping die hard fans entertained for the past few years and the legends aren’t afraid to throw a few MK hits into their live sets, but nothing can’t beat to chance to see the two side by side once more. Don’t wait for January to roll around, get in now before its sold out.

” We’re blown away by the response to our posts and we’re stoked to announce IT’S ON!!

Troy Kemp confirms it!

I’m a bit curious as to the ‘MK2020′ hashtag and the fact the initial selfie came from a songwriting session… I don’t wanna read too much into this but could this mean potential new music from McAlister Kemp? Either way a Drew or Troy solo track with McAlister “&” Kemp flavour will still be a rockin’ track! Looking forward to seeing what music was written and for whom.

Now legends, if you’re reading this, can we talk about releasing ‘There’s Always A Girl’ as (at least) a one off single? One of the best songs to never be a single… but that didn’t stop us from spinning it on The Wolf for a while.

Tell me you don’t love this album track!
Do I get bonus points for my puns in this article?

Also, Troy, any chance of you rocking the long locks for old times sake?

luscious mate.

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