Feelin Hot’ – We’re Contributing To TMN’s Country Hot 50 Chart

Written by on 18 November, 2019

The Wolf Australia has been picked up by The Music Network for a new chart known as ‘Country Hot 50’. This chart of 50 songs is based on the airplay data of broadcast radio from both commercial and community sectors as well as streaming-only stations such as The Wolf Australia’s New Country Radio.


Miranda Lambert’s ‘It All Comes Out In The Wash’ topped the first Country Hot 50

As announced by The Music Network (TMN) – The TMN Country Hot 50 Powered by Radio Monitor replaced the TMN Country Airplay Chart from the 8th November 2019. The Country Hot 50 becomes the most comprehensive country airplay chart in the history of Australian radio, weighting data from almost double the number of contributors than previously monitored, including the addition of streaming-only radio.

Here at The Wolf Australia, we are continuously working behind the scenes to grow, improve and innovate. From introducing new programs such as ‘615 The Grind’ from Nashville and our new weekdaily one hour special, ‘Thunder Throwback Hour’; through to many behind the scenes developments, this inclusion marks another step forward for the station.

The Music Network

“This is a win not only for us but for internet radio. As more listeners demand more choice, the internet and radio streaming is here to answer the call. We’ve always aimed to deliver an online station that can match terrestrial radio for quality of product, sound and entertainment”

Matthew Brokenbrough, Content Director

Expanding on the format of our terrestrial radio programs in Planet Country and Country Universe, The Wolf was established to deliver a CHR style radio format that focuses on the crossover, pop, rock and hip hop influenced country tracks released today. Known as New Country, the format appeals to a younger audience than typical country radio.


Kip Moore’s ‘She’s Mine’ has since taken the top spot on Country Hot 50

It’s all about providing you with a high quality alternative to broadcast radio and taking the guesswork out of on-demand streaming. Stop being a skipaholic on spotify and don’t sit around waiting for your type of country to play on radio.

“It’s exciting that our varied music mix will now be included in the official airplay chart. As advocates for New Country, we know how important the recognition that charts provide can be for our artists, especially those who are independent”

Stuart Brokenbrough, Programming Director

The hard work continues to pay off as we watch our listener numbers grow and their time spent listening hitting outstanding lengths that many terrestrial stations would envy.

“For The Wolf to be recognised as a valuable contributor to the music landscape, not only justifies the hard work and and dedication by Big Stu & MJ but encourages new team members to contribute further”

James Dyring, Article Writer

The TMN Country Hot 50 won’t exactly reflect airplay on The Wolf but rather the shared success of tracks across all contributors. To see airplay numbers for your favourite tracks, check out The Wolf Australia on Online Radio Box. Using our streaming meta data, O.R.B. tallies airplay stats to show you how often certain songs are playing online.

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