3rd Bub On The Way For T-Rhett

Written by on 24 July, 2019

One of country’s favourite young families is about to grow bigger with a new addition announced!

Thomas Rhett took to Instagram to share a cheeky line and special announcement:

Lauren Akins, wife of Thomas Rhett (Real name Thomas Rhett Akins) is expecting her second baby, the couple’s third child.

“I will now be paying for 3 weddings”

We’re more than positive Thomas Rhett won’t mind… he can probably afford them quite well.

The Akins family has been raising a pair of sisters already. The first, Willow-Gray, was adopted from Uganda. The 2nd, Ada James, was an unbelievable Surprise! It’s a shame Thomas Rhett wasn’t even the first artist to find out – don’t worry, we covered this story below for you.

“Yeah that’s two under two, hey, what can I say?”

Ain’t It Funny How Life Changes hey Thomas! Time for some updated lyrics!

The family chose smoke cannons for the gender reveal. Via Laruen Akins on Instagram.

Thomas Rhett Was The 2nd Artist To Find Out!

Did you know Thomas Rhett wasn’t the first to find out his wife, Lauren, was expecting their second child even after a lengthy struggle to conceive. It was actually another country music artist who found out before Lauren could tell T-Rhett.

The couple had struggled for so long to concieve a child of their own that they ended up turning to adoption. Their first child, Willow-Gray was born in Uganda and the couple had begun the adoption process to bring her to the USA only months prior to Lauren finding out she was pregnant.

“Let’s wait, let’s give this adopted child his or her time with us and then we’ll continue our family”

Lauren Akins speaking with People Magazine

In an interview with People Magazine, Lauren explained that the couple decided they would hold off trying for a kid of their own, planning to give Willow-Grey a chance to grow before being introduced to a brother or sister.

Thomas Rhett sung about the surprise of his 2nd in ‘Life Changes’

That plan was thrown out the window when Lauren discovered she was expecting while they were holidaying in Tanzania. She took a test even though she told Thomas she was “100% certain” she wasn’t expecting. It seems T-Rhett trusted his wife’s gut feeling as he headed off to the gym to get a quick you’re a superstar performer and can’t rest even when holidaying workout.

While Thomas was working out, Lauren was hanging out with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley who accompanied them on this getaway. Lauren took the test and it came back positive when she was speaking with Tyler and Hayley, making one half of Florida Georgia Line the first to find out Lauren was expecting, before Thomas Rhett.

Tyler and Hayley have a child of their own with a second due later this year. Thomas Rhett still leads the way with this announcement of his 3rd.

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