Your Favourite Country Stars Have Grown Up

Written by on 18 July, 2019

The latest viral trend is the Face App’s old age filter which adds on quite a few extra years. Naturally the moment something explodes on social media, the tech savvy and on-trend country artists out there are always quick to jump on the bandwagon! Below we’ve compiled a few great shots of your favourite artists all grown up:

Casey Barnes:

He’s not a fan himself but we reckon Barnes is doing pretty good! We also fully back his call for the CMC Awards to return.

Tailgate Drive:

Viper Creek’s Damien Baguley & Troy Kemp teamed up for this send off tour photo.

The Wolfe Brothers:

Nick hasn’t changed much while Tom and Brodie are aging gracefully.

Planet Country:

Our very own Big Stu & MJ had to get in on the fun!

Josh Setterfield

Daaaamn. JS lookin’ like an absolute silver fox. The ink work hasn’t faded or stretched, props to the tattoo artist behind that.

Emily Joy

It seems the age of time doesn’t slow down for those out west but WA’s Emily Joy has nothing to worry about!

Carrie Underwood:

Underwood’s hubby, referred to by Big Stu & MJ as ‘Former NHL captain and Cannon owner Mike Fisher’ is rocking some serious salt and pepper (and it suits!) while Carrie looks like she’ll be in the limelight for decades to come.

Hurricane Fall

These legends are looking pretty banged up after their scary incident on Air Canada…. oh wait its the FaceApp again!

This morning various news outlets have begun warning users over potential privacy and security issues with the app, so use at your own risk.

Did we miss any? Drop a comment below and we’ll update the list!

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