Granger Smith Is Going To Release New Music Differently

Written by on 3 April, 2019

Granger Smith has announced he is following the new trend by artists to release music individually as apposed to releasing an album.

Inspired by the growth in music streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart etc.), artists such as Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt are choosing to release music more frequently and releasing a song as an individual track rather than grouping them all together in an album.

Granger will still be making albums however he will be releasing each song off the album individually online, publishing one song each month until the album is completely released. This gives fans the chance to really take in and enjoy each album track and a chance for Granger to give the publicity each track deserves rather than having them disappear on an album while a couple of ‘singles’ get all the publicity.

Watch Granger Smith explain his new method for releasing music

We are so excited to hear new music from Smith, especially now that we are getting a new song every month! As a radio station that prides itself on playing whatever the hell we want and when we want – we’ll bring you every new song when it drops!

Can we get a Yee-Yee!

Check out the latest single from Granger Smith, now airing on The Wolf:

Holler ft. Earl Dibbles Jr. – Now Playing On The Wolf

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