Morgan Evans Announces World Tour

Written by on 19 August, 2019

How many times do we get frustrated at artists for announcing a “world” tour that doesn’t even leave North America?

Oh cool, you’re stopping in Canada here and there while doing 50+ shows across continental USA…. Nothing can be more frustrating to a country music fan on the other side of the world than realising “world” simply means the land of the free and the land of maple leafs.

This is no different to the NBA champions claiming to be “World Champions” even when the USA Mens national basketball team lost in the Olympics and World Championships. World means the whole bloody world!

Luckily our home grown hero Morgan Evans has followed in the footsteps of fellow countryman Keith Urban and announced a proper world tour:

8 COUNTRIES. 26 SHOWS. I can’t wait to see you all!!!

Morgan Evans via social media.
Morgan Evans Announces A Proper World Tour

That’s a good world tour. Well done Morgs. Hopefully other artists follow suit…. and to the American artists who are wondering what we are on about, NO, adding the UK on to the list of countries won’t satisfy us Aussies even if it means you can prove it is in fact a world tour. Come to Australia. That’s what we want.

In other news about the Newcastle NSW native, he’s released a new version of his Day Drunk music video:

The smash hit party track ‘Day Drunk’ had a great video online featuring footage of Morgan and his wife and fellow artist Kelsea Ballerini enjoying each other’s company on a romantic getaway. Now that video is known as the ‘concept video’ with Morgan debuting an all new music video for the track.

The video required Morgan act in reverse, similar to his ‘Kiss Somebody’ music video.

This is an interesting release from Morgan’s team given that ‘Young Again’ had already taken over as the latest single. Perhaps a marketing ploy to get more last minute radio airplay, streams and downloads ahead of the tour? Perhaps re-releasing the single in Germany? Either way we love new content.

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