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Stuart ‘Big Stu’ Brokenbrough is one half of the award winning Planet Country with Big Stu & MJ radio show and a co-director of The Wolf Australia. Big Stu is the producer of Planet Country and responsible for many of the show’s signature segments including Twisted Lyrics and There’s A Country Star on My Head.

Big Stu can’t sing, dance or play guitar, although he does own a rare Washburn Flying V axe. The radio veteran is a lifelong lover of music who’s fandom exploits include meeting a famous hair band at the airport when they arrived on tour . . . instead of going to school; collecting telegraph pole concert posters (Del Amitri at Parra Leagues Oct 2, 1990 is a prized example) and owning an autographed copy of ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ on vinyl with black album cover and autographs in black texta – you have to look at it on an angle to see the signatures!

As co-host of the award-winning Planet Country Radio Show, Big Stu has turned his attention to country pop, rock and the various sounds of contemporary cross-over country music.

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