Hurricane Fall Injured In Air Canada Incident

Written by on 12 July, 2019

Aussie country-rock band Hurricane Fall are home bound following performing in Canada but a scary incident on their Sydney bound Air Canada flight from Vancouver might sideline the band while they recover.

Air Canada flight AC33 was flying the Newcastle based band home from Toronto via Vancouver. On the second leg from Vancouver to Sydney, the plane hit ‘clear air turbulence’ that resulted in more than 3 dozen injuries according to the airline.

The flight diverted to Honolulu where it was met with medical assistance.

Peter Fitzpatrick, an Air Canada spokesperson, said 35 people sustained minor injuries with emergency officials in Honolulu updating that figure to 37. The majority of which were transported to hospital.

The injuries sustained by passengers ranged from neck, back and head injuries to lacerations according to officials who also said the injured passengers included children and the elderly.

“we hit turbulence and we all hit the roof, and everything fell down … people went flying”

Jess Smith, Passenger on AC33

The band shared the news and ensured they’re safe via their facebook page. Unfortunately the incident did cause some injury with co-frontman and bass player Pepper Deroy experiencing nerve damage in his forearm/elbow and was transported to hospital. Thankfully he was given the “thumbs up”.

A number of passengers have spoken to local and foreign media informing news outlets that “we hit turbulence and we all hit the roof, and everything fell down … people went flying” – Passenger Jess Smith speaking to tv station KHON.

We are all super grateful to the Air Canada staff for their professionalism and swift response. “

Hurricane Fall via Facebook

Guitarists Tim “Tricky” Hicky and Luke Wheeldon spoke to television station KITV4 in Honolulu:

Tim, followed by Luke, speak with KITV4 in Honolulu

…5 seconds later everyone who wasn’t wearing a sit belt just hit the roof”

Tim Hickey speaking with KITV4

The team here at The Wolf Australia would like to extend our best wishes for a fast recovery to Pepper and the band.

Throwback: The Wolf Australia provided the intermission soundtrack during The Hurricane Fall Sydney Harbour Cruise.

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