Hunter Kaine Departs Deep Creek Road

Written by on 2 July, 2019

This morning Deep Creek Road’s female vocalist Hunter Kaine, who sings alongside fellow front person Steve Simmons, took to her facebook page to announce her departure from the band.

Kaine wasn’t an original member of DCR but brought in to replace Jaime Holland who departed the group back in 2017. Holland sang lead on hit single ‘Anchor’. Since Hunter’s inclusion in the band, she sang lead on their recent singles ‘Fast as Your Car’ and provided backing vocals for ‘Crazy Blue’.

Check out Deep Creek Road’s two female leads so far, below:

Anchor ft. Jaime Holland
Fast as Your Car ft. Hunter Kaine

Whilst a female vocalist isn’t vital to the group, as frontman and vocalist Steve Simmons does take lead on a number of songs including their smash hit ‘What If I Was Willing’, the group may have to leave a number of songs out of their sets or rely on a female support act to jump on stage when required – if a full time replacement isn’t chosen.

Check out ‘What If I Was Willing’:

Deep Creek Road rose to fame in the Aussie country scene following the release of this Nashville (TV Show) sourced track. Steve Simmons on lead vocals with Jaime Holland backing.

We hope Deep Creek Road find a suitable solution as they are one of the most exciting acts to see live with guitarist Rob Moody known for getting off the stage and in and amongst the crowd… whether it be on tabletops or out on the street outside the venue. Moody even performs upside down, lifted up by Simmons.

Here’s Rob Moody performing on a zebra crossing during the 2016 Cental Coast Country Music Festival:

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