Cass Gaiter to join Keith, Morgan Evans & Seaforth in Nashville?

Written by on 13 August, 2019

South Australian rising country star Cassidy Rae Gaiter (CRG) unveiled some new press photos potentially ahead of the new music we are eagerly waiting to hear. It seems huge news may have been revealed unintentionally by the photography company.

This music theatre performer turned country artist turned youtuber hit the forefront of Australia’s rising new country movement off the back of her hit debut EP – ‘Shake It, Don’t Fake it’.

Puttin’ On A Show
All The Feels

From the EP, the singles ‘Puttin’ On A Show’, ‘All The Feels’ and ‘Beautiful Now’ were spun heavily here on The Wolf. The EP dropped in 2017 and since then we’ve been watching CRG’s every move waiting for the follow up. Whilst we are loving her foray into YouTube vlogging, we can’t exactly play the videos on the radio. To say we’re keen to see what she has in store for us is an understatement.

CRG has been vlogging on YouTube and this one hit 4,000 views!

How its done: Cassidy Rae Gaiter has been keeping us entertained while we wait for new music. Its great to see an Aussie artist using the power of digital content to interact, inform and entertain followers in-between releases. Well done!

Is CRG On The Move?

The photography company behind her new press shots is Boëm Headshots who seemed to have let slip that our home grown Disney princess is “moving to the USA to pursue her dreams”:

Unfortunately we aren’t sure where CRG could land in the USA. Will she pursue her passion for musical theatre and follow her dreams on Broadway? Will she pursue acting in Hollywood? Or will we see CRG joining fellow Aussie country stars who are taking over Nashville?

The likes of Keith Urban, Morgan Evans and Seaforth have shown that in order to make it in the highly competitive American country music industry, one has to pretty much relocate. This is not a foreign concept to Australian artists with Jade Gibson telling Big Stu & Mj during an interview on Planet Country that she plans to relocate to Nashville permanently. Jade Gibson, a Victorian native, is currently in Nashville but we’re unsure for how long as moving to the USA ain’t easy, just ask Troy Kemp!

The Newcastle country-rocker announced his relocation to Nashville only to discover there was plenty more immigration work to be done. TK has begun the process including listing he and his wife’s business for sale – We’re loving the commitment mate, wishing you the best start to a new chapter.

Once in the USA, you’ve got the challenge of getting a day job to pay for things, which can be quite daunting… lucky Cassidy has a clear plan in place… Get a job with the Disney Channel!

An untraditional job needs an untraditional application:

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Hi @disneychannel please hire me x

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Ok maybe not the best method to apply for a job but its 2019, we can’t knock her for being creative. We also know that every good job application needs good references and we happily put our hand up to vouch for the rising country star:

We’ve got ya back Cass! The Wolf has entered the chat.

Every job application needs a good reference, The Wolf has entered the chat.

We’re hoping our friends at Radio Disney Country, who have introduced the world to many Wolf favourites including the likes of Temecula Road, pick up her ‘Shake It, Don’t Fake It’ EP along with whatever Cassidy Rae Gaiter has install for us in the future.


In her latest blog, uploaded just hours after she shared our article, CRG has revealed her intended destination:

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