A Fan’s Unforgettable moment with Thomas Rhett

Written by on 22 July, 2019

Cover photo: Thomas Rhett at Qudos Bank Arena on 18th March 2019. Copyright James Dyring

When you go to a concert, you dream of your favorite artist calling you up on stage to take a selfie with them in front of a lot of people. Well Thomas Rhett made one fans dream come true which made for a night that she will never forget. We can’t think of anyone more deserving than this fan either!

Whilst Rhett was performing he noticed a girl in the audience holding up a yellow sign. On the top of the sign it read “Look What God Gave Her” (Rhett’s first single off his recently released fourth studio album ‘Center Point Road’) then below there were three boxes in a checklist, two of which were ticked off: “Beat Cancer” and “Thomas Rhett Concert”.

The third box read “Selfie With Thomas”. Thankfully dreams (or checklists) do come true as the country superstar spotted the sign and Rhett knew instantly he had to call Madison up on stage immediately.

A major hit here on The Wolf Australia

Oh My Gosh, hold on two seconds, get up here. I don’t know if we can get the camera on this sign up front but were gonna check all these off”

Rhett’s words as he called the girl up on stage

Its moments like this we country fans live for. We may miss out on the perfect selfie ourselves but sometimes we will happily forgo our own chances to see others more deserving. It’s not easy for artists to read every sign whilst under the bright lights of a stage. Thankfully for this fan, luck was on her side… that and the 20-20 vision god gave Thomas Rhett.

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